It's all about the little white dogs…

Our History

Westie Rescue and Placement (WRAP) of Northern California is a private, all volunteer, charitable and educational tax exempt 501(c)3 not‐for‐profit organization. WRAP was founded on June 16, 2016 and is dedicated to providing humane rescue services, caring foster rehabilitation, necessary medical services and responsible placement in approved forever homes for any West Highland White Terriers in need. We believe that every Westie deserves a loving and caring home.

Our Mission

We exist for the purpose of rescuing surrendered, abandoned or stray Westies and finding them safe, loving and permanent homes. We endeavor to

  • Prevent cruelty towards West Highland White Terrier purebred and mix dogs that are neglected and/or unwanted
  • Provide timely veterinary care, foster care, adoption and placement services
  • Educate the general public on Westie care and wellness.

We serve the Westie Rescue needs of Northern California from the Central Valley to the Oregon border.

Our Officers & Board of Directors

  • President: Susan Acevedo
  • Vice President: Barbara Mordy
  • Secretary: Ramona Moenning Rule
  • Treasurer: David Snook
  • Board Member: Maggie Halberg
  • Board Member: Richard Cory


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