If you have the heart for adoption, don't let fear stand in the way. -Doug Chapman


Our Adoption Process

We place rescued Westies into qualified adoptive homes, selected through our application process, to provide a high level of care and love. Each rescued Westie's needs, personality, temperament and background are evaluated then matched with an appropriate applicant. The welfare of the Westie is our foremost concern.

The first step in our adoption process is completion of the adoption application form. If you would like to pursue adopting a Westie rescue from our rescue program, we need to receive a completed WRAP ADOPTION APPLICATION from you.

We no longer accept adoption applications from potential out of state adopters since we are currently experiencing a high volume of adoption applications from California residents. However we will consider applications from former adopters who live in states that border California.

When a dog is placed into our rescue program, we review ALL of our pending applications to make the best possible match between the dog's specific needs and the prospective adopter's preferences. Our process is focused on the welfare of the Westie and its compatibility with its adoptive family, based on the needs of the homeless Westie are our primary concern. Our goal is to place each dog in an environment appropriate to that dog's background, personality, temperament and special needs.

Therefore, no one is ever at the top of the list for the next dog. And it is impossible to predict how long it will take for each applicant to receive a dog.

Every person who is selected to adopt a Westie from our rescue program is required to sign our WRAP ADOPTION CONTRACT.

We are committed to the life, health and wellbeing of every Westie we place. If at any time the adoptive family can no longer care for the dog, we will again place the Westie in our rescue program to be rehomed.

Westies and Children

We do not usually place a rescued Westie in a family with children under seven years of age. We often do not know the background information pertaining to each Westie's previous experiences with children. And sometimes when we do know the dog's background, we find the Westie has been placed into rescue because of problems with children.

For the safety of your children or grandchildren, our policy is to not place Westies into homes with young children.

Adoption Costs

Rescuing Westies are not "free". Most rescue Westies require medical attention as many have not had any recent medical attention in their previous situation. There are the costs of a complete health examination, immunizations, parasite control, dental care, boarding, and required medical treatments. Also, spaying or neutering is required if the previous owners did not take care of this most important part of responsible pet ownership.

None of this is free but these costs are essential to ensure that our rescued Westies are healthy and adoptable. This is why we request a donation of $500.00 ‐ $1,000.00 for each adoption, to help us cover these costs.

Since we are an all‐volunteer and non‐profit organization, all donations received are used for the purpose of rescuing, providing medical care and placing homeless Westies into new forever homes.

Apply to WRAP Adoption

Step 1: Click on the WRAP ADOPTION APPLICATION button

Step 2: Download and complete your WRAP ADOPTION APPLICATION

Step 3: Enter your contact information with a brief message (e.g., best time to contact you)

  • Step 4: Upload your completed WRAP ADOPTION APPLICATION here.
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  • Step 5: Click on the Submit button

If you prefer, you can mail your completed WRAP ADOPTION APPLICATION to:

Westie Rescue & Placement of N. Calif.

ATTN: Barbara Mordy

1891 Main St.

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Rescues Over The Years

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