Fostering isn't a life-time commitment, it's a commitment to save one life.


Our Foster Care Process

WRAP is an all‐volunteer organization. That means that our ability to help these dogs in need depends on having a network of volunteers, foster care families, supporters and adopters who give of their time and energy to make it happen. These loving and caring individuals are the back bone of our organization. We are not a shelter; we do not have a facility to care for the dogs waiting to be adopted. The Westies placed into our rescue program are fostered in our private homes until a new permanent home can be found through our adoption process. WRAP takes care of the costs of food, vaccinations and medical care for the dog while it is in foster care. But the affection and human companionship so needed by them during this transition period can only be provided by our volunteer foster homes.

While in foster care, all rescued Westies will receive a complete checkup from a licensed veterinarian, including bringing all vaccinations up‐to‐date. The Westies will receive emergency treatment as determined by the WRAP rescue program and the appointed veterinarian.

We also ensure all rescued Westies are spayed or neutered prior to placing in an adoptive home. All known information about the rescued Westie will be disclosed to the adoptive owners.

You can help save the life of a Westie if you have it in your heart to help by being a foster care home, please complete the WRAP FOSTER CARE APPLICATION and submit it to us.

Even if you feel you can’t provide a foster care at this time you can also volunteer to help with transport, events and fundraising activities. We don’t ask for much of your time; only what you can afford to give.

For more information on WRAP Foster Care, please contact Barbara Mordy at (408) 242-0990. 

Apply to WRAP Foster Care

Step 1: Click on the WRAP FOSTER CARE APPLICATION button

Step 2: Download and complete your WRAP FOSTER CARE APPLICATION.

Step 3: Enter your contact information with a brief message (e.g., best time to contact you).

  • Step 4: Upload your completed WRAP FOSTER CARE APPLICATION here
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
  • Step 5: Click on the Submit button

If you prefer, you can mail your completed WRAP FOSTER CARE APPLICATION to:

Westie Rescue & Placement of N. Calif.

ATTN: Barbara Mordy

1891 Main St.

Santa Clara, CA 95050